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Eliminate Mask Fog With These 3 Hacks!

For those of us who are bespectacled, mask wearing can be a bit more challenging (cue the awkward fog that renders you nearly blind every time you exhale). But what if we told you that you can still wear your glasses and your mask at the same time without battling the fog? The solutions below might sound a little strange, but they work.

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Operating room personnel know this trick well. Use athletic or medical tape to secure your mask across the bridge of your nose and the top of your cheeks. Word of caution, do not use duct tape!

Use Your Glasses to Seal the Top of Your Mask

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Pull your mask up just a wee bit higher and use the weight of your glasses to create a seal to block the flow of air. The efficacy of this trick will depend on the shape of your glasses (the large, thick frames tend to work best).

And if the three hacks above don’t appeal to you, contacts might just be the way to go for the next several months. For those who want to make the switch from glasses to contacts, our eye doctors specialize in contact lens fittings and are ready to help you make the transition.

Use Soap & Water to Keep the Fog at Bay

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Grab your dish soap and a microfiber cloth, this trick takes a matter of seconds and is extremely efficient. Rub both sides of the lens with a drop of soap and then buff them with your microfiber cloth. The soap acts as a thin invisible shield, protecting your glasses from the condensation.

For those on the go, you can buy a commercial anti-fog spray to quickly spray on your lenses before masking up. Take note though, these types of spray typically don’t work best on anti-glare, anti-finger print, and anti-smudge coated lenses. Make sure to read the label before purchasing.