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How to Pick Out the Right Sunglasses for Your Face Shape

girl wearing sunglassesSunglasses are not just for function, but also for style! A great pair of frames can enhance your overall look and protect your eyes at the same time.

Read on to learn what type of face shape you have and which style of frames will look best on you.

Determining Your Face Shape

Faces are categorized as round, oval, square, heart, diamond, and rectangle shapes. Based on those names alone, some people can identify what their face shape is.

Still unsure how to identify your face shape? Whip out a flat tape measure and keep reading.different face shapes

Round (Circle) Face Shapes

Woman with round face wearing cat eye sunglasses

Cat eye sunglasses

Typically round faces can be easy to identify without taking measurements. Just as the name implies, they’re perfectly curved in a circular shape.

Features of a Round Face Shape

Round faces are symmetrical. When measured, the width and length of round faces are exactly the same or close to it.

Round faces aren’t the only symmetrical faces though. What sets them apart are their soft lines and curves. Round faces don’t have sharp angles.

Sunglasses for Round Faces

Woman with circular face wearing rectangle sunglasses

Rectangular sunglasses

Flattering sunglass styles for a round face include any angular frames, rectangular frames, or cat-eye frames. These styles juxtapose the natural soft curves of a round face and create a stunning visual.

You might be tempted to mirror your round face with round frames. Don’t do it. Round frames will either get lost on your face or make your face seem wider.

Steer clear of large, oversized frames as well. They will add to the width of your face and swallow the length.

Oval Face Shapes

Oval faces are similar in many ways to round faces but are still distinct in their own right. Many speculate that more people have oval face shapes than any other face shape on earth.

If you find yourself in the oval face shape camp you have a lot of company.

Features of an Oval Face Shape

Man with oval face wearing square sunglasses

Square sunglasses

Just like round faces, oval face shapes are known for a lack of pointed angles. The smooth lines of oval faces are longer than those of round ones.

Oval faces differ most strongly from round faces in their proportions. Ovals faces are approximately one-third smaller width-wise than length-wise.

Sunglasses for Oval Faces

Oval faces are versatile. Many sunglass shapes will suit oval faces.

Square sunglasses are often deemed the best for oval faces, but rectangle or cat-eye glasses will also complement your facial features as well. These sunglass shapes are strikingly different from oval faces which creates a unique look.

Unlike round faces that can’t pull off round frames, oval faces are long enough to support a softer-shaped frame. Round sunglasses and aviators also look good on oval faces.

Woman with oval face wearing over sized sunglasses

Oversized sunglasses


Sunglasses should add to the natural proportions of an oval face.

Avoid glasses that are considerably wider than your cheekbones if you have an oval face. Wide sunglasses will downplay your natural proportions and create extra width.

Heart Face Shapes

Heart-shaped faces are the last of the three curved face shapes. This face shape is the least common of the non-angular face shapes and rare overall.

Features of a heart-shaped face

Heart-shaped faces get their name from the distinctive narrow, pointed chins they have.

The face dimensions of a heart-shaped face are also unique. The cheekbones are the widest part of a heart-shaped face, with a smaller forehead, and even smaller jawline.

Lastly, heart-shaped faces often sport a widow’s peak hairline, though that isn’t always the case.

Sunglasses for Heart Faces

Woman with heart shaped face wearing aviator sunglasses

Aviator sunglasses

Heart-shaped faces look the best in sunglass styles that mimic the unique proportions of their face. Cat-eye frames and aviators are both strong choices because they are wider at the top than the bottom.

Rimless frames are also good because the absence of a strong frame accentuates the unique shape of a heart face.

The overall goal of sunglasses for heart-shaped faces is to emphasize the smaller jawline, minimize forehead width, and let the cheekbones shine.

Square Face Shapes

Whether it is biology or culture, square face shapes are often seen as attractive and assertive face shapes.

Square faces are also typically associated with men as they are found on men more often than women.

Features of a square face shape

Man with square face shape wearing round sunglasses

Round sunglasses

Square faces are symmetrical. All 3 major areas, the forehead, cheekbones, and jaw are all the same width. Square faces are similar to round faces in that the width is the same as the length.

What sets square faces apart from round ones are the strong angles and points of the cheekbones and jawline. Square faces have little curvature.

Sunglasses for Square Faces

Sunglasses on a square face should help soften the angles. This is best done with round, oval, or aviator frames.

You don’t want to erase your face angles, but you also don’t want to accentuate them. Avoid geometric and boxy frames that can make your face shape seem severe.

Diamond Face Shapes

Diamond faces are the rarest faces we see. They have a unique proportion that makes them harder to find.

Features of a Diamond Face Shape

diamand face sunglasses

Oversized rimless sunglasses

Diamond faces are similar to oval faces but more angular. They are longer than they are wide. They are different from oval faces because the cheekbones are wider than the forehead, creating the namesake diamond shape.

Because of their length, diamond-shaped faces are often mistaken as heart-shaped. The pointier cheekbones and chin set the diamond face apart from the heart shape though.

Sunglasses for Diamond Faces

Because diamond faces are less common, it can be hard to know what sunglasses to wear if you have this face shape.

Overall focus on using your sunglasses as a balance for your wider cheekbones. Oval frames do an exceptional job of making your cheekbones look good.

Rimless and cat-eye frames also balance the cheekbones.

Avoid narrow and angular frames as they can make the cheekbones seem too sharp.

Rectangle Face Shapes

The last of the six most common face shapes is the rectangle. Rectangle faces are unique because they are often attributed to aging and are not the natural-born face shape of many people.

Features of a rectangle face shape

woman with rectangular face shape wearing oval rimless sunglasses

Oval rimless sunglasses

Rectangle faces are always longer than they are wide with cheekbones and jaw that are about the same width.

Rectangle faces are angular and similar to both square and oval face shapes. Square because of the sharpness of the angles and oval because they’re long and more narrow.

It is common for square faces to change into rectangle faces as people age and their face starts to fall.

Sunglasses for Rectangle Faces

There are a lot of options for rectangle faces. Any non-angular frame will look good on a rectangle face. Oval, aviator, and cat-eye frames are the best options overall.

You can wear a square frame as well because it will mimic your face shape, but not make it harsh.

If you have this face shape, avoid smaller frames, as they will make your face seem longer than it is.

Additional Considerations

Man wearing club master sunglasses

Club master sunglasses

Now that you know what frame shape you should choose, it’s time to think about color. Select a color that enhances your natural complexion.

You can also get different lens options for different light conditions, eye protection, or seasonal activities.

Above all, pick frames that are comfortable and help you feel confident

Try Some on For Size

You now know how to figure out what your face shape is and what sunglasses will look best on you. Do you know which style of frames you want? Stop in at Mill Creek Family Eyewear to try on our stock of sunglasses for every flattering face shape.

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